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Return of the Jedi, No 32

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Marvel UK title reprinting Marvel US Star Wars and related stories.

The movie adaptation of Terry Gilliam film 'Time Bandits', starts this issue.

Photo cover: Emperor's Royal Guard

  • Star Wars - The Big Con (part 1 of 6 - reprinting Star Wars issue 79) (Jo Duffy - Ron Frenz/Tom Palmer)
  • Star Wars - The Sound of Armageddon (part 3 of 3 - reprinting Star Wars issue 14 - abridged) (Archie Goodwin - Carmine Infantino/Terry Austin)
  • Time Bandits (part 1 of 10 - reprinting the Time Bandits one-shot) (Steve Parkhouse - David Lloyd/John Stokes)
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Used comic with some wear consistent with age and Newsagent has written name lightly on cover
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